It's A Pleasure To Meet You!

Thank you for being here... honestly

You could have chosen to be anywhere, with any company at this very moment and yet, you choose to be here. Words cannot express our gratitude for doing so. Even if you are just browsing and and not really looking to for anything, we're still glad that you are here!

Welcome to the Self-Employed Tax Company.

Our Mission. Our Why. Our Purpose.

Our Mission: It's simple... To help self-employed individuals who are extremely serious about being an entrepreneur become successfully self-employed. And we will achieve this goal through the products and services that we offer.

Our Why: Because our hearts beat for this. This company was built specifically for entrepreneurs. We wanted to take the guess work out of preparing your financials. You no longer have to wonder if someone will know how to help you, like you do when you walk into retail tax prep companies. This whole company was made to assist you.

Our Purpose: We simply want to be the best. We were put here on this Earth to provide the absolute best quality of service and products to those who seek to be successfully self-employed, to scale their businesses and give back to the communities in which they serve.

Our History

Humble Beginnings Indeed

Opening a tax company was never the goal... Although I've always had a passion to be a business owner and a desire to help other business owners... I never thought that I would one day build a tax company from the ground up.

Yet, it’s through my very own experiences that lead me to be here. Being an entrepreneurs myself, I've experienced first hand every emotion, setback, mistake and challenge anyone who is serious about business can experience.

Back in 2016, when the tax season had ended, I was extremely frustrated with how my clients didn't remember or simply just didn't do what we had discussed and planned the previous year. I was told that it was too much to remember or they misplaced the plan.

So, that year I decided to create a video series for my clients and put it on YouTube so that they will have, at minimum, the basic information they would need to know and have before they came to see me. I threw together a PowerPoint, purchased some screen recording software, sat down in front of my computer and hit the record button. When I was finished... I took a deep breath (because I was scared) and hit the upload button.

What came next was very unexpected.

I uploaded a series of videos and I called it "How to File the Perfect Tax Return". But there was one video in that series that got the most attention... the one titled "How to File the Perfect Tax Return for the Self-Employed". That was the one that had the most views, the most comments and the most questions. Which lead me to understand that there are a lot of self-employed individuals that desires to do things right but, just don't know how.

So, therefore, I created more videos and received more questions, which ultimately, lead me to think I could better serve this community if I built a tax company just for them. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Our Founder


Sing it with me!

Ok... First let me explain something:

I use terms that indicate that it's more than just me - it's not. It's just me 🤫

The reason I use the terms "we", "our", "us" and other terms that indicate that it's more than just me is because I like to include everyone in on the action. Plus one day it will be more than just me, so I have to get you used to it. 😁

I have one simple purpose… To save the self-employed some money. And I’m going to do so by making the complicated tax code easy to understand and showing you specific strategies, so that when it comes time to file your taxes, you will do so with confidence and have peace of mind.

Hello... it’s me – TG (Which stands for Tyrone Gregory not Tax Guy). I guess the very first things you should know about me is that I am a proud Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle and Cousin.

I love helping, motivating and inspiring beginning entrepreneurs. I also love the beach, teaching, cooking, watching cartoons, working with my hands and riding bikes.

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve also had my share of dealings with the IRS and local tax agencies, which is why I’m super excited to be able to bring my passion for business and understanding of taxation together to help others.

And with all the changes that are taking place in taxation… I’m excited to be the single go to resource for the entrepreneurs out there who want to do the right thing and save at the same time.

Family is an important element in my life… so much so that I could be known as the Family Guy.

But seriously though, I do enjoy all the dynamics that encompasses the idea of a family. Which is why I am everyone’s favorite Uncle/Cousin.

I am truly grateful for the people you see with me in that picture above. I consider myself to be blessed to be able to be in their company. They are my inspiration, my motivation and sometimes the source of my frustration lol, but I would not trade them for anything!

And the same love I have for them (well maybe just a little bit less)... I have for every highly motivated and serious entrepreneur

If that is you... I would love for you to be part of the family! There are many ways to become a part of my online family.

You can join the rest of us on the newsletter, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can also like the Facebook page or enroll into a course.

Any option that keeps us engaged with each other is the option that makes you part of this amazing, slightly dysfunctional (think about it… we deal with taxes) family.

And I’m looking forward to treating you as such!