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Tax Pep

The annual process of bringing it all together. The time that we report to the IRS and State agencies how much money we earned, what we did with our earnings and how much of that belongs to them. Except when you do it with us... you'll only pay what you should and not a penny more. That's the goal.


Only those who knows of its importance seek it. But shouldn't every serious business owner seek it? I guess the key word in that question "serious". Bookkeeping is more than just a way to track and organize your income and expenses... it's the process that gives the business its brains.

Business Formation

This or That? Undoubtedly one of the most toughest questions an entrepreneur has to face... especially when it comes to the taxation and finance of the business. Which is why choosing the right business structure is important. Luckily for you, we're here to help guide you.

Audit Assistance

No one likes receiving a notification in the mail from the IRS or any Taxing Authority. Trust me we know. My heart skips a beat every time I get a renewal notice from the IRS. But the key thing is to remember this: Don't Freak Out! Also don't wait to open the letter... if you can't muster the strength to do it - give it to us.

Strategic Planning

Planning is everything! Especially when you getting ready to take on something that can be life changing. No worries... we're here to help you sort out all the details to ensure that you'll be safe and on the right track.

Tax Education

This here is for my DIY folks. Sometimes all you need is to know that teeny weeny, itsy bitsy, piece of information and you are all good to go and file everything on your own. We both understand and respect that. So we've put together a few free videos to help you out and even some paid content for more complicated stuff.


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