Don't Freak Out!

Keep your cool. It's a lot easier to help you when you are alive (no heart attacks!).

So you received a "love letter" from an Agency?

Maybe it's from the IRS, it could be from the State or maybe it's from an agency that you didn't even know you had to report to (yikes).

In either case... please do as I first instructed you and don't freak out..

Please keep in mind that just because you received a letter or notice from an agency, you are not necessarily being audited.

Most of the time you receive a letter from an agency, it's just to inform you that something didn't match, they need to simply verify something or they are proposing something.

The best thing to do is to OPEN THE LETTER.

And then once you open it and realize that it's not a life or death situation... hand it over to us

Simple right?

Pricing Schedule

*All Pricing is Based On Facts and Circumstances.


Audit Assistance

$89Per Hour

Remember Don't Freak Out

This price includes:

  • Review of the Proposed Assessments
  • Respond to any Agency Letters
  • Contacting the Agency involved via Phone (may be additional charges if call last more than 2 hours)
  • 1 Basic Amendment (Business Entity requirements of any kind will be an extra charge)

*Please note that we do our best to adhere to our posted pricing schedules. However, there may be situations that require a little more work to be done or circumstances that will require additional processes. In such a case, the price will have to be increased. At that time, we will inform you before moving forward as to what caused the increase and give you the option to proceed.

We appreciate your understanding.