Operations Management

I cannot stress enough just how important it is for serious business owners to keep good books.

Ahhh “The Books”.

A term used by professionals (and criminals) around the world... But the books are more than just a place to keep track of your income and expenses.

Your “Books”... just like any other book - tells a story. A story that you need to pay special attention to. Your books tell a story of mystery, intrigue, ups and downs, conflict, resolutions and much more. And although you are the author of your “books”... it’s a story best read by your Bookkeeper.

That’s why we here at The Self-Employed Tax Company consider bookkeeping to be more than just a service - it’s a requirement for serious business owners. A requirement that we proudly offer. As a matter of fact we don’t even call it bookkeeping - we call it Operations Management.

And we call it operations management because that is exactly what your books are supposed to help you do. The information contained in your books will tell you what your profit margins are, your customer acquisition cost, where you're spending too much at and where you can trim the fat.

Let me ask you a question… How can you grow your business if you don’t know what's happening in your business?

Great question right?

Wanna hear something else great?

Thanks to Xero we are 100% in the cloud!

So what does that mean for you and your business??? The answer is simple - convenience!

We get along with technology. So you don't have to waste time driving to our office just for us to review your financials for an hour. And getting your information to us has never been easier. You can snap a pic, send an email or have it come directly to us. That's why we love Xero and the 700+ apps that care connected to it.

And just in case you were wondering... yea we could use QuickBooks, we just prefer not to.

Pricing Schedule

*All Pricing is Based On Facts and Circumstances.

*Please note that we do our best to adhere to our posted pricing schedules. However, there may be situations that require a little more work to be done or circumstances that will require additional processes (additional payroll for example). In such a case, the price will have to be increased. At that time, we will inform you before moving forward as to what caused the increase and give you the option to proceed.

We appreciate your understanding.