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Tax Education...

Something that is needed by every serious entrepreneur. Although it's mostly consumed by my DIY entrepreneurs.

But this is an area where we shine! It's part of the reason why we are here. it's our foundation. It's something we proudly offer. As we believe that having knowledge of something that you are involved in is key to being successful.

Being able to understand the verbiage and concepts of tax law and basic account will help you have a better conversation with the person handling your finances. Which is extremely important. Not only does it keep you protected, it also keeps you in charge.

Therefore, you have a couple of choices.

We have both a free and paid option

The free stuff is available through our YouTube channel and has a suite of videos that will show you stuff like:

  • What to look for on your tax return
  • The truth about home office deductions
  • How LLCs work and if you need one
  • Understanding the new 1040 form
  • How the new 20% business deduction works
  • What is a D.B.A and why it's useful
  • So much more... you'll have to see to believe

The premium stuff goes into more deeper topics like:

  • The structure of Corporations and how they are taxed
  • How each deduction is used
  • How to manage your taxes when you are both a W2 employee and self-employed
  • How to hire your children
  • Tons of resources

So dig on in and feed your brain. whichever one you choose, you'll be satisfied. Enjoy!

Pricing Schedule

*All Pricing is Based On Facts and Circumstances.




All the Free Training You Can Handle.

Here is a list of some of the Titles:

  • Why You Don't Need An LLC
  • Tax Update 2018 - 2025
  • Home Office Deductions Exposed
  • The DBA
  • The All New 1040 Walkthrough
  • Taxes for the Self-Employed

*Please note that even though I do offer paid training... the free stuff is still pretty awesome!