Strategic Tax Planning & Consulting

Before You Make Any Major Decisions... Lets Talk First.

Something major is happening or has happened... what do you do?

Well... I'll tell what NOT to do and that is not call us.

Major changes not only impact your life... they are impact your taxes..

Changes like:

  • Starting a Business.
  • Marriage / Divorce.
  • A Newborn.
  • An unexpected death.

Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to us when you believe something major is about to happen or is happening.

Pricing Schedule

*All Pricing is Based On Facts and Circumstances.


Strategic Planning & Consulting

$350Per Hour

When You Need To Be Sure

This price includes:

  • 1-on-1 One Hour Consultation
  • Form Guidance
  • Q&A
  • Best Use Analysis

*Please note that we do our best to adhere to our posted pricing schedule. However, there may be situations that require a little more work to be done or circumstances that will add additional time being needed. In such a case, the price will be increased and we will inform you before hand as to what caused it and give you the option to proceed.

We appreciate your understanding.